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Ingredient Spotlight: Hand Creams

We often lavish attention on our facial skincare routines, but it's time to turn our focus to another hardworking part of our body – our hands. Just like any other patch of skin, our hands can reveal signs of ageing, such as dehydration and wrinkles. After constant handwashing and hand sanitizer use, it's high time we rethink how we care for them.


Understanding Hand Care Needs:

  • Dryness: Regular handwashing or facing harsh environments can deprive the skin of essential oils, causing dry, flaky areas.
  • Age Spots or Dark Spots: Long-term sun exposure can create visible marks and spots on the hands.
  • Discolouration: Factors like sun exposure can result in uneven skin tones on the hands.
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Without regular hydration, the hands' delicate skin can show lines and creases.

What are the Benefits of Hand Creams?

  • Soothes and hydrates the skin, providing relief from dryness and chapping
  • Reduces age spots and promotes an even skin tone
  • Protects against environmental stressors and free radicals
  • Rejuvenates and brightens the skin

What to Avoid?

When selecting a hand cream, it's wise to avoid certain ingredients that may not be suitable for your skin or could cause irritation.

  • Parabens and Phthalates: These are known to disrupt hormone function.
  • Artificial Fragrances: Synthetic fragrances may cause skin irritation, making fragrance-free options a better choice.
  • Mineral Oil and Petrolatum: These ingredients can clog pores and hinder skin breathability, potentially leading to skin issues.
  • Sulfates: Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can be harsh and drying to the skin, consider sulfate-free alternatives.


What to Look for in Hand Creams?

When it comes to selecting the perfect hand cream, it's essential to look for formulations that not only hydrate but also cater to your skin's unique needs.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: An excellent hydrator that plumps and rejuvenates the skin, leaving your hands feeling refreshed.
  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant that shields your hands from free radicals and environmental stressors, preventing premature aging
  • Ceramides: These lipids help reinforce your skin's natural barrier, locking in moisture and fortifying your hands against dryness.
  • Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid: This remarkable ingredient reduces age spots and promotes an even skin tone for youthful-looking hands.
  • Licorice Root Extract: A natural skin brightener that reduces discoloration, unveiling hands with a uniform, beautiful tone.


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