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How exercise can help to transform your skin!

Humans are creatures of habit, and while our products achieve life-changing results on their own, the most impressive transformations we’ve seen have come from our Habit Society who simultaneously make simple, manageable and realistic improvements to the habits that drive their daily lives. By making simple additions to your lifestyle, you give your body the opportunity to harness benefits from multiple avenues at once. This means faster results and an overall increase in wellbeing that can be seen in your skin!



One of the many benefits of exercise is improved circulation and cardiac health. How does this impact the skin, you may ask? Our heart pumps blood through our bodies through blood vessels that reach to serve the outer surface of our skin in the form of the smallest vessels, capillaries. Some of the nutrients that blood delivers to all of our cells are oxygen, glucose, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Each of these nutrients benefits the skin in a unique way from balancing hydration, to protecting the skins delicate surface and encouraging regeneration of newer, healthier cells. Daily exercise is capable of not only improving the efficiency at which blood is delivered to skin cells, but also the quality and nutrient profile of that blood.



As well as circulation, exercise also naturally promotes healthy breathing patterns which in turn help to deliver more nutrients to the surface of your skin. So why does your skin need nutrients? Your skin requires delivery of nutrients in order to create energy in the cells. This energy goes into managing healthy temperature and toxin regulation, healing properties and regeneration of new, healthy cells. Breathing exercises focus on deep and effective slow breaths with use of the diaphragm muscle to help the lungs convert high quality air into energy. This also reduces stress levels, another variable which directly affects your skin quality and appearance.



It is widely known that exercise increases the release of happy hormones (endorphins) and decreases hormones directly responsible for stress, like Cortisol. You may be wondering what hormones have to do with your skin? The answer is everything. Hormones do not just control our mental state but actually regulate our entire bodies. Your skin cells each have endorphin receptors, ready to accept the benefits of these helpful, happy hormones. Our skin also negatively reacts to the stress hormone Cortisol as high levels can promote an overproduction of oil leading to clogged pores, breakouts and dull skin. In short, if exercise increases the good stuff and decreases the bad stuff, sign us up!


Sweating, Appetite & Hydration

The idea that sweating is the body's way of removing toxins is now thought to be somewhat of a myth. Sweating is your body's way of regulating your temperature and it also encourages hydration. Since sweat is made up of about 98% water, when lost, your body is notified to replenish these stores by drinking water. Sweating also depletes some of your electrolytes, along with the activity of your body efficiently using them too. This sends signals to your brain that your body needs more food and water, encouraging intake of healthy foods that benefit your body in all types of ways. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of not having any healthy food available, and binging on unhealthy foods when your body is telling you what it needs. One big skin benefit that comes with sweating is the encouragement of daily cleansing. Not only will this help to regulate your skin's oil production but cleansing will also create the perfect canvas to receive benefits from the active ingredients in our serums.

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