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Habit Hack: Overcoming Dry, Flaky Skin



Recognising that dry skin is a skin type lacking natural oils and moisture is key to adopting a dedicated skincare routine that provides continuous nourishment and protection.




Do use a gentle, hydrating cleanser. Helps maintain the skin's natural barrier without stripping essential moisture.

Don't use harsh ingredients like sulfates and high concentrations of alcohol. These can be overly drying and strip the skin of its natural oils.

Do apply skincare with moisturising key ingredients. Enhance your routine with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum to deeply hydrate and further strengthen the skin's barrier for improved moisture retention.

Don't skip nighttime hydration. The night is when the skin best absorbs ingredients and repairs itself.

Do use an eye cream rich in peptides and antioxidants. Our Peptide Eye Cream, featuring Matrixyl 3000, intensely hydrates and helps reduce puffiness and fine lines around the eyes.

Don't use products with irritating fragrances or alcohol. These can dry out the sensitive area around the eyes even more.

Do apply eye cream with a gentle tapping motion. This enhances absorption without stressing the delicate under-eye area.

Don't expose the eye area to harsh environmental conditions without protection. Wear sunglasses and apply SPF to shield your eyes from the sun and wind.

Do use a targeted hand treatment for nourishment and repair. Our Restoring Hand Treatment, infused with botanical wonders, delivers deep hydration and promotes youthful-looking skin.

Don't wash with hot water; it strips natural oils and exacerbates dryness.

Do re-apply hand cream after each washing. Frequent application will help maintain moisture levels and skin integrity.

Don't use harsh, drying soaps. Opt for mild, moisturising formulations to prevent stripping your skin's natural protective barrier.

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