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Habit Hack: Myths vs. Truths About Retinol

Retinol is one of the most buzzed-about ingredients in skincare, known for its remarkable benefits. However, numerous myths surround its use, causing confusion and hesitation. Today, let’s clear the air of the most common myths and truths about retinol.




Retinol thins the skin.

Many believe that long-term use of retinol can thin the skin.

Retinol promotes skin thickness.

Retinol boosts collagen production and actually thickens the dermis over time, enhancing the skin’s overall texture and firmness.

Retinol's effects stop once you discontinue use.

There’s a common misunderstanding that once you stop using retinol, all benefits immediately vanish.

The benefits of retinol extend beyond its application period.

The improvements in skin texture and collagen production can continue to benefit the skin even after stopping use, though ongoing treatment is recommended to maintain results.

Retinol works instantly.

Some expect immediate results upon starting retinol.

Retinol requires patience.

Retinol works gradually, and visible improvements in skin texture and appearance can take several weeks or even months of consistent use.

Retinol is too harsh for sensitive skin.

It's a widespread belief that retinol is unsuitable for sensitive skin due to its potential to cause irritation and redness.

Retinol is available in various strengths.

While retinol can initially cause irritation, there are various formulations available, including lower concentrations and retinol derivatives that are gentler and well-suited for sensitive skin types.

Retinol is only for older skin.

Retinol is often seen as an anti-ageing product only.

Retinol benefits adults of all ages.

Retinol is celebrated for its anti-ageing properties by preventing early signs of ageing, controlling acne, and improving skin texture. However, it's generally not recommended for younger individuals whose skin may still be developing.

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