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Habit Hack: How to Combat Silly Season’s Impact On Your Skin

The holidays come with lots of good times with family and friends, but can also have a huge impact on one’s skin. It is important to take care of your skin during this busy season - because the festivities often increase stress levels and change your regular daily routine that leaves damage to the skin. Here are some habits to keep in order to keep your skin merry and bright into the new year.

1. Get enough sleep to give your skin a chance to repair itself

 Our brains produce body-repairing hormones when we sleep, such as growth hormones, which are necessary for tissue repair and cell regeneration. Getting your beauty sleep with seven to eight hours of sleep is essential to give your skin the chance to repair itself.

2. Eat healthy foods

The holidays come with lots of delicious treats, however, the drastic increase in sugar can trigger glycation that stops the cells from functioning properly and create free radicals that accelerate skin ageing.

3. Stick to your skincare routine

Sticking to one’s routine can be really challenging during the holiday season. Your regular daily habits get interrupted by gatherings and celebrations. Make it a habit to take off any makeup before going to bed to allow the skin to breathe and prevent breakouts.

4. Avoid alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks produce free radicals that damage the skin and also causes to dehydrate the body and skin while dilating the blood vessels causing the skin to be red. If you can’t give up holiday drinks, choose red wine over hard liquor as it is full of antioxidants.

5. Stress less

The holidays bring in fun times, but can also bring in a lot of stress - and stress can have a huge impact on the skin from clogged pores to breakouts and to excess oil.

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