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Habit Hack: Feel Good Habits To Get You Through Blue Monday

Monday blues are so common and widespread and have become a commonly recognised cultural phenomenon. The third Monday in January is referred to as Blue Monday, the supposed gloomiest day of the year. 

Here are a few feel good habits to get you through Blue Monday which you can do to set yourself up for a happier and healthier month.

Take some time out for yourself

January can be challenging time for emotional wellbeing. Reframe January's long evenings and unappealing weather as an opportunity to spend some time for yourself and looking within which can do wonders this Blue Monday. Try out new things such as meditation, skincare or facial, take a long bath, or exercise, whatever makes you feel good and recharged! 

Take breaks

Taking breaks is essential to productivity and maintaining balanced mental health and motivation. Most experts recommend taking a break every 25 to 90 minutes to increase productivity and focus, reduce stress, and reduce body aches and pains. Experiment with your daily schedule to figure out the best times for you to take a break. 

Have a Monday night plan

If you have something to look forward to after work on Mondays, it can help get through the day with a better attitude. Organise a happy hour with friends, take on a new hobby/night class or go out to dinner with your family to help you get through the long day. 

Eat healthily

The food we consume has an impact not only on our physical health but also our mental health. Try to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, and try to prepare your meal yourself. Start off with simple meals with fresh ingredients, this will help you get through stressful times. 

Rest on Sundays

Try to maintain some balance on the weekends by taking it easy on Sundays to avoid exhaustion and will lead to a worse struggle during Mondays when paired with lack of sleep. Sticking also to your regular sleep schedule on the weekends can help you adjust when you transition back to work. 

Stay in touch with loved ones

The transition from catching up with family and friends in December can make January feel lonely by comparison. One of the best things to do throughout the month is to stay in touch with the people you care about. Meet up with a running buddy, eat out with friends or family, or have regular phone calls or videos calls.


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