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Habit Hack: Decoding UVA and UVB for Healthier Skin

What is UVA

UVA rays deeply penetrate the skin, accelerating ageing and increasing the risk of skin cancer. They're present all year round, can pass through clouds and glass, and require consistent protection.

What is UVB

UVB rays cause sunburn and are mainly intense during the middle of the day and in the warmer months. They don't penetrate glass but reflect off surfaces, heightening exposure when outdoors.

Why Protection Is Essential

  • Minimise Ageing Signs
  • Prevent Sunburn
  • Avoid Skin Damage
  • Avoid Hyperpigmentation

Choosing the Right Sun Protection

  • Look for "broad spectrum" labels
  • Choose SPF 30+ or higher
  • Select formulations for your skin type
  • Ensure products meet ISO standards


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